Redesign of the UHCL Graduate Psychology Social Issues Sub-Plan (2012 - current)

  • Formulated a professional statement of work with stakeholder
  • Identified user profile, user goals, and stakeholder goals by using structured interviews and surveys
  • Used a co-operative design method to help cultivate a layout for the prototype
  • Made and tested a wireframe prototype and reported results of testing with  Axure
  • Will deliver a report of design recommendations
  • Download Presentation

Usability Evaluation of Paideia Institute Website (2012 – current)
Collaboration with: Adrian Garcia, Ronald Phillips

  • Assisted in developing testing protocol and identifying needs and goals
  • Assisted in conducting testing of current website for design issues
  • Assisted in card sort method for better understanding of better information architecture
  • Card Sort results 1
  • Cart Sort results 2

Usability study on a corporate data management system (2011)

  • Interviewed and surveyed end users 
  • Contextual inquiry and contextual task analysis were used  to understand user environment, tasks, and constraints
  • Delivered an extensive paper on highlighted design problems and design  recommendations

 Different Motivational Relationships between Two Genres of MMO Games (2011)
Collaboration with: Tasha David, Kevin Toy

Gaming Poster
  • Paper on motivations to play Multiplayer Games: Role-Playing and First-Person Shooters
  • Conducted a repeated measures ANOVA
  • Download Poster

Inventive Remodel of a makeup sponge (2011)

  • Developed user profile, goals, requirements
  • Research on makeup sponges and its usage, limitations, and strengths
  • Created several physical prototypes and conducted a comparative test of usability
  • Download Presentation

 Innovative design concept of a multimedia music website (2010)
Collaboration with: Kevin Toy

  • Interviewed users to identify needs, goals, and tasks
  • Developed task analysis, usability goals, and requirements
  • Developed and tested low fidelity paper prototype
  • Designed and tested a Wizard of Oz prototype
  • Download Presentation
  • Download Prototype Images